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The Erma Hayman House welcomes inclusive on-site programs and/or experiences that seek to directly support, serve, and amplify Boise’s diverse community.

Program proposal criteria provide applicants with guidance in preparing a strong application. The selection panel evaluates applications based on these criteria. Read the criteria descriptions closely and consider them as you answer the application questions. 

Criterion 1: QUALITY 

30% of score

The selection panel will look for the following information when evaluating your application for quality:

  • A clear description of the program and its cultural, historic, and/or artistic components. You want the reviewers to fully understand what you want to do and your program goals.  

  • Biographies that describe the background, experience, and/or training of those listed in your application who will be relied upon for cultural, historical, and/or artistic expertise. These may be acquired in various ways, such as:   
    • Passed down within a community or cultural group; 
    • Jobs, apprenticeships, and internships 
    • Formal educational settings (school, college, certification programs, etc.); 
    • Non-traditional settings; and/or 
    • A combination of any of the above. 
  • The potential for expanding the cultural base to be more inclusive. This may be through collaboration, experimentation, or other kinds of innovation. 


40% of score

Describe how your proposal is accessible to Boise residents and how it will benefit them and contribute to our cultural community. Be sure to clearly explain the following: 

  • Why your Program is Meaningful: Capture what drives the project and why it is important for Boise residents.

  • Intended Audience: Clearly describe the types of audiences you plan to attract and/or be involved with your project. Note: A program can have a small audience and still have a community benefit. 

  • Affordability: Free or low-cost experiences ($20 or less per person) are most appropriate for this program. 

  • Community Focus: The priority of the Erma Hayman House is to support projects and programs that seek to directly support, serve, and amplify Boise’s diverse community and that ultimately help create a city for everyone. 

Criterion 3: MANAGEMENT 

30% of score

You want to assure to the selection panel that you will accomplish what you have proposed. Answer application questions carefully, and be sure to clearly explain the following:  

  • The person or people responsible for the program and their related management skills. 

  • The program scope. (Tip: Use words like “I will” not “I might” or “I could.”) You want to give reviewers confidence that the project is feasible and you are prepared and committed to following through. 

  • Planning and logistics, such as licenses or approvals needed, equipment/vendor reservations, and timeline.