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The City of Boise began construction at the Erma Hayman House at 617 Ash Street in June 2021. This list serves as a project timeline and provides context for future work on this site.


  • Capital City Development Corporation (CCDC) approach the Boise City Department of Arts & History (A&H) regarding the possible conveyance of the Erma Hayman House to the City of Boise. CCDC hires architect for Capital Needs Assessment. Boise City Mayor and Council Leadership approve exploring options.


  • January: In partnership with the State of Idaho’s Historic Preservation Office, A&H receives funding through the National Parks Service’s African American Civil Rights (AACR) Grant for the documentation of Civil Rights in Idaho in the 1960s and 1970s. A&H’s commitment to the project is the completion of the Erma Hayman House and several public presentations on race relations in Idaho – which took place in 2018 and 2019.
  • May: A&H awards Broad Approach (an artist/architect/landscape team) a contract for $10,000 (paid through A&H Maintenance and Operations budget) to conduct a cultural planning process identifying how the Erma Hayman House could be preserved and activated if accessioned into the City of Boise’s portfolio of capital projects.
  • August - September:
    • Broad Approach completes cultural plan for the Erma Hayman House and delivers a cost estimate for site improvements. Cultural plan identifies locations for public art and interpretation.
    • The department of Public Works assigns a project manager to assist in cost analysis for the construction project.


  • May: Boise City Mayor and Council authorize the conveyance of the Erma Hayman House to the City of Boise and transfer the property along with $277,000 from CCDC to assist with construction. A&H announces the conveyance and general direction for construction and public programming in a press release.
  • July:
    • The City of Boise approves an additional $277,000 for the project, which included $134,000 for capital improvements and $143,000 for public art as part of the annual budget process for FY19.
    • The department of Public Works assigns staff as project managers to assist in construction and capital budget oversight.


  • February - March: Historians Spencer Crew and Professor Jill Gill present on national and statewide civil rights movements at the Fettuccine Forum (as part of the commitment to the National Parks Service’s African American Civil Rights Grant.)
  • April: A&H staff attend a two-day workshop on preservation planning and leadership for African American historic sites, offered by the National Trust For Historic Preservation and the National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC).
  • May - August: A&H staff attend multi-part DEAI (Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion) training sessions with the Dignitas Agency.
  • August: A&H releases a call for public art for “Erma’s Wall”.
  • September:
    • The City of Boise awards Trout Architects the contract for architectural services for $60,500. The contract is managed by Public Works staff.
    • A&H establishes the Erma Hayman House Task Force comprised of community members, Erma Hayman’s family, and members of the Arts & History Commission and Arts & History Advisory Team to provide guidance and feedback for staff as the project develops.


  • February:
    • A&H staff meets with Erma’s family for further research, oral history collection, and photo documentation.
    • A&H selection panel (comprised of residents, Erma Hayman House Task Force, and A&H Commission) recommend Vinnie Bagwell for public art at the Erma Hayman House.
  • May: A&H staff completes initial historical research documents related to Erma Hayman, Erma Hayman’s house, the River Street Neighborhood, and hosts "Race, Place, and Grace", a series of virtual conversations with Erma Hayman House Task Force member Shannon McGuire.
  • June: Boise City Council approves contract for Public Artist Vinnie Bagwell to design and fabricate “Erma’s Wall”. A&H announces the selection in a press release.
  • July: A&H hires Preservation Solutions for $900.00 (paid for by A&H Maintenance and Operations) to assist in the determination of National Register of Historic Places (NRHP). This includes research, survey of comparable stone buildings, and consultation with the State of Idaho Historic Preservation Office. Final report delivered. The Erma Hayman House is determined eligible.
  • August: Boise City Mayor and Council approve an Interim Budget Change moving $98,000 (savings from a completed Fire Station project) into project budget, in anticipation of inflated construction costs and low response rate to bids for construction on the Erma Hayman House.
  • September: Public Works staff releases a Request for Qualifications for Construction Manager General Contractor (CMGC) services at the Erma Hayman House (to assist staff in navigating the challenging bidding environment.)
  • November: The Boise City Archive accessions six new digital collections containing images and oral histories from families who once lived in the River Street Neighborhood into the City’s archival collections.


  • January: GUHO Corporation is selected and contracted as CMGC for the project and begins work on the preconstruction services.
  • June: City of Boise plans for construction to begin.


  • April: The City of Boise announces a $50,000 donation from the Micron Foundation to support renovations of the Erma Hayman House. Read press release.
  • Spring: Construction complete
  • September 22: House scheduled to open to the public.

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